Product Information

CFTEC is providing a large network of clientele with the most powerful copy guard system, which is based on the development license of DVDRX Platinum, a DVD-R copy guard technology of the de facto standard. We also support BD-generation technologies and provide BD-R copy protection called BDRX.

DVDRX Platinum-NL

We developed DVDRX Platinum-NL as a model that can be licensed per each title (per each master copy). This is a solution that does not require initial investment.

DVDRX Platinum3

DVDRX Platinum 3 is a new product, which is a result of the upgrade of the dedicated disc production technology that made it possible to lessen previously necessary 300MB of the overhead to 170MB, almost half of the initial capacity.


BDRX is a long-awaited copy guard solution which helps protect advanced and high-value added HD movie content on BD-R.


Latest Edition of DVDRX Platinum, Greatly Improved DVDRX Platinum 3 Released 300MByte of guard mounting overhead has decreased almost in half, becoming 170MByte. With our high-valued Platinum 3, it is possible to use the capacity of the DVD-R to the highest extent, which helps to lower DVD production costs.

DVDRX Platinum 2.3.6 Released
New groundbreaking version that prevents illegal copying of titles with Sony BD and DVD recorders