Usage Example

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

Medical sales representatives at Takeda Pharmaceutical Company have undertaken marketing approach where they have been presenting information about their pharmaceutical products to doctors through the usage of promotional videos for every product involved.
However, at the ethical drug market there exist highly restrictive laws regarding product marketing. For example, by no means shall an end consumer learn about the content of a certain product’s promotion by a manufacturer. Therefore it was necessary to have the videos strongly protected, in order to prevent them from being copied and distributed to general users illegally.
Takeda Pharmaceutical Company chose DVDRX copy guard technology so that they could safely comply with these strict rules.
Takeda Pharmaceutical Company produced multiple promotion videos and had them copy guarded, thus making it real to provide information about their products to doctors with a high sense of security.

Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, inc.

TBS TV has chosen to use DVDRX Platinum copy guard system for the pre-broadcasting burning of disks of the programs’ video content after their production was completed. They have decided to go with DVDRX after evaluating such factors as the strength of our copy guard technology as well as DVDRX’s impressive market share and the actual achievement of over 100,000 titles of video content guarded with the help of our technology. It was also important since TBS TV is using DVD-Rs as only a small number of each copy is needed.
For coordination purposes, TBS TV has to prepare copies of the program content for newspaper publishers, performers’ administration offices as well as sponsors before the actual broadcasting. Therefore there has been a demand for a highly secure DVD-R copy guard solution, which could fully meet the requirements of the operational process at a production company.
DVDRX Platinum is proud to possess necessary usability to support such needs of professionals.