Conclusion of Blu-Ray Disc specification document licensing agreement with BDA

CFTEC has formed a Blu-Ray Disc Information Agreement with Blu-Ray Disc Association.

Following our achievements with DVD-Rs, our company is planning to do research and examination of video content copy protection recorded at BD-Rs. We are currently undertaking a feasibility study in order to be able to fulfill our clients’ expectations as there have been inquiries regarding the delivery date for the BD-R copy guard technology. LC TVs with full HD specifications are becoming more popular, and we assume that a lot of our clients from content production industry will be increasing the number of HD titles in order to follow this market trend.

We recognize that it is our primary role to be able to deliver a prompt solution that will make it possible to copy guard your valuable BD content that in its turn involves investment into equipment and big production costs. Comparing to DVD-Video generation the growing HDMV and BD-J is connected to various investments into the development of copy protection, and we are excited to work on the realization of this mission with the warm support of both our clients and partners.