Q1.Is it possible to use copy guard for a data disk?

A1.DVDRX Platinum provided by our company can only be used for DVD Video. Data disk cannot be safeguarded.

Q2.DVD copy guards sold by other companies often do not have complete reproducing compatibility. What is the situation with DVDRX Platinum?

A2.We have run numerous reproducing tests at DVD players of all makers produced both in Japan and in all Asian countries as well as at popular DVD computer software for the current edition of DVDRX Platinum, and we have not discovered any problems with its reproducing functionality. We have also received no claims from the customers who are already using the product. Rarely problems with replay might occur resulting from the reproducing compatibility of a DVD-R itself, but this does not have any connection to a DVDRX Platinum copy guard processing.

Q3.Is it possible to prevent copying to a hard disk at a DVD recorder?

A3.With the current edition of DVDRX Platinum it is possible to prevent titles from being copied at Sony BD/DVD recorders. Regarding BD/DVD recorders by Panasonic and Mitsubishi Electric, relevant manufacturers are now preparing to implement similar technologies including analogue copy guards. At existing models of BD/DVD recorders produced by Sharp, copy function from DVD to HD is removed. Existing DVD recorders by Toshiba only have copy function from DVD RV to HD, while copying in case of DVD-Video is impossible. Please contact the manufacturer of a DVD recorder at question for further information regarding its specification details.

Q4.Similar products are being sold by other companies as well, are they identical?

A4.Our products have equivalent performance to those being provided by selling agents supplied by OEM. There have been vendors in the past that copied our technologies illegally, but as this is a technology based on 4-5 year old criteria, it is possible to conclude that there is a low range of guards for each ripping method. Please make a separate inquiry regarding products to confirm whether: they are based on completely different technologies provided by independent vendors; they are OEM products manufactured by us; they are copycat products.

Q5.Are there limitations for operation environment such as OS?

A5.DVDRX Platinum operates at WindowsOS. Operational tests have been completed at Windows2000, XP, Vista, and 7.

Q6.Is it compatible with a dual-layer disc?

A6.No, it cannot be used for a dual DVD-R. Please note that around 300MByte of additional capacity are needed for copy guard processing. Therefore, total size of content of a master device should be under 4GByte, and menu size (titles’ menu and VTS1 root menu together) should be under 80MByte.

Q7.How widely is DVDRX used?

A7.We have licensed DVDRX to over 100 client companies. The total number of DVD-R disks guarded with the help of DVDRX is over a million. Estimates are that around 100,000 titles of video content have been guarded with DVDRX. DVDRX holds an overwhelming share in the domestic market, and is used with a sense of security by a large network of clients such as production and reproduction companies as well as key TV stations, and large makers.