DVDRX Platinum 2.3.6 Released
New groundbreaking version that prevents illegal copying of titles with Sony BD and DVD recorders

CFTEC has released DVDRX Platinum2.3.6, revolutionary software that can help maintain the strongest copy guards without depending on the authoring format.

At our first version of DVDRX we made it possible to prevent full disc back up by means of folder copying and DVD-Shrink, and have acquired a lot of positive feedback from many of our clients. After that ripping mania that includes DVD-Fab and other tools that can rip BD-Rom titles has started happening. This has led to many clients from content production industry becoming highly anxious about various ripping techniques.

Moreover, HD built-in DVD recorders as well as ripping without PCs have become even more widespread, and therefore ripping by general consumers has also turned into a problem. Our company is staying highly alert towards these problems, and has invented multiple protection mechanisms against popular ripping software including the infamous reedit mode.

However, at each version of existing DVDRX-Gold or DVDRX-Platinum, the guard strength was dependent on the authoring format, and achieving the highest strength meant having to put up with certain production restrictions. DVDRX-Platinum 2.3.6 that we have just released has been developed in a way that makes it possible to achieve the highest guard strength without depending on the authoring format.

We have also solved the problem of time gap that was occurring when comparing master and guarded copy reproduction times, what makes DVDRX-Platinum 2.3.6 a highly robust product that combines both guard strength and reproduction quality.