About DVD-ROM and DVD-R

DVD-ROM and Copy Guard
All major movies from Hollywood and elsewhere are recorded on DVD-ROMs. When a number of copies per one title goes over 1000, from the costs perspective DVD-ROM is the most suitable method of production. These DVD-ROM titles are protected from illegal copying with the help of copy guard technologies such as CSS, RipGuard or ARccOS. However the reality is that most of them can be easily cracked by means of ripping tools that are developed by crackers.

DVD-R and Copy Guard
DVD-R is mostly used in cases when a number of copies per title ranges from 10 to 100. These are mainly used for local anniversary videos as well as educational and advertisement purposes. From the reproduction costs perspective this kind of video content is usually copied and distributed on a recording media such as DVD-R. Since the latter is a recording media, it is only natural that standard copy guard technologies cannot be applied to it. For example, while CPRM is considered to be a copy control method for recording media, it is designed not for protection of general video material, but for controlling re-replication of recording media carrying digital broadcasting content.

About Ripping

Folder Copying
Folder copying is a very easy ripping method that is widely used for video content stored on DVD-Rs with no copy protection. This technique implies video content’s duplication by means of files operation on PC.

Ripping Software
Ripping software includes DVD Shrink, DVD Fab, AnyDVD and many other tools that are developed and distributed with an aim of removing CSS protection from DVD-ROMs. Video content from a DVD-R with no copy protection can be ripped very easily. DVD-Shrink is the most popular software, but since its further development is terminated, it is inapplicable to the newest copy protection technologies such as the one provided by our company. However, AnyDVD or DVD Fab cannot only be used for both DVD and even BD ripping, but their development is still continuing. Among these two DVD Fab is becoming popular with outrageous speed and is considered to be a highly threatening ripping tool. DVDRX-Platinum, provided by our company, is the only solution in the market capable of protecting your valuable video content from DVD Fab.

Writing Software
Writing software available at the market has functions for copying of unprotected video content by title or by chapter. This kind of technique is an advanced ripping tool.

DVD Recorder
It is possible to use copying function of DVD recorders available at the market in order to make copies of HD. Since even people who are not familiar with operating a PC can easily perform this, it is considered to be a big threat.

CFTEC Copy Guard Technology

Copy Guard Technology
here are many available copy guard technologies such as encryption or NG sector method. However, majority of both encryption and CSS key sets employed for DVD-ROMs protection can be easily removed with the help of ripping software. Even such structural NG sector methods as ARccOS or RipGuard can be cracked by ripping tools that have a trace replay function. Copy guard technology provided by our company in combination with a Copy Guard Disc developed by Japan Video Album Association can be effectively used for protection of video content from folder copying, duplicating by means of a DVD recorder, and other simple as well as advanced ripping methods.

Guards’ Strength as well as Replay Compatibility
Many developers choose to strengthen their guard technologies at the expense of replay compatibility. This inevitably leads to both economic and emotional inconveniences for both title’s owner as well as legitimate viewer. In the process of copy guard technology development undertaken by our company we also encountered similar problems when trying to excel in both effectiveness of protection and replay compatibility simultaneously, and step by step we have managed to greatly improve our output thanks to the patience and cooperation of our initial corporate users. Our newest DVDRX-Platinum has undergone and passed multiple rigorous tests on all kinds of DVD players as well as PC replay software.

Ultimate and Present Status of Copy Guard Technology
Ideal image of the Copy Guard Technology is ability to properly function at virtually any DVD player regardless of its source or year of origin while providing for unlimited authoring patterns and staying completely intact against all kinds of ripping methods. However, at the moment this remains unrealized, and the actual strength of a guard tool at question is measured against the combination of the components that it can handle. Furthermore, ripping tools are constantly improving and there are more and more low-quality DVD players released to the market. That is why it is highly important to be able to deal with these threats as expeditiously as possible and on a continuous basis.