Product Characteristics

Overview of BD-R Copy Guard Mounting with BDRX

BDRX is a solution that protects movie content on BD from being illegally copied. Recently there has been a growing demand for distribution of advanced and high-value added HD movies on BD. Production and distribution on BD-ROM is however complicated from the perspectives of lead-time and costs, therefore BD-R seems like a feasible option. We have developed BDRX in order to answer the needs of clients who wanted but could not employ BD-R due to the absence of a suitable copy guard technology.

We provide our clients with the service of copy guard mounting of BD discs at our sales offices, upon receiving the master BD disc from you. BD-R we offer are HTL type professional-use TDK discs (Blue White Printable Surface, Wide Type).

Product Specification

The product is only compatible with one-sided single-layer 25GB BD-R. The only content possible to handle is BDMV; there is no compatibility with BD-J. Required guard mounting overhead is around 500MB. Unlike DVDRX, there is no capacity limitation for animated menu.