DVDRX Platinum-NL Employing Multi Processing License Methodology Released

CFTEC has released a more functional DVDRX Platinum-NL following its original DVDRX Platinum based on a licensing model.

The usage of our existing DVDRX model includes the initial implementation fee as well as annual licensing fixed fee. In case of DVDRX Platinum-NL, the number of issued licenses (the number of titles one can process) is predetermined. DVDRX Platinum-NL is best suited for people whose aim is to evaluate their business’ efficacy before performing a full-scale implementation of the copy guard system as well as for those who plans to only use it from time to time.

The current model makes it easy to include variable fees per each processed title into production costs and prevents an unnecessary increase in fixed fees associated with your business. When creating DVDRX Platinum-NL we envisaged usage patterns different from the ones compatible with our existing DVDRX Platinum, and added enhanced functionality.

We have added a master VIDEO_TS folder select function so that you could use the system right away after installing it on your Windows PC. Therefore there is no need to depend on the format of the DVD drive anymore. There is also such a new feature as a testing mode that helps prevent wasting the number of licenses due to incorrect usage. The testing mode can be used as many times as necessary before proceeding to the actual processing. Since DVDRX Platinum-NL is a consumable pay-as-you-go model, the license delivery costs have been cut down drastically.

Software licensing in most cases implies the usage of USB dongles, but it means that you will have to purchase a USB key. When utilizing DVDRX Platinum-NL, the number of used licenses is counted down by means of Internet, so there is no need for unnecessary expenses.

In the near future we are also planning to start selling a package consisting of DVDRX Platinum-NL with three licenses and 50 pre-format discs.