BDRX Copy Guard Solution for BD-R
It has finally become possible to use our copy guard technology for BD-R as well.

CFTEC has succeeded in developing a technology to safeguard movie content (BDMV) on BD-R. Recently there has been a growing demand for distribution of advanced and high-value added HD movies on Blu-Ray discs. When taking into account authoring, licensing, and production costs in case of distribution on BD-ROM, it is much more sensible to use BD-R, especially in case of low number of titles to copy. There was however no copy guard solution for BD-R, and therefore it has not become popular.

BDRX developed by our company is a solution that can answer such needs and protect your BDMW content on BD from being illegally copied, something that is happening frequently. In comparison to 500MByte, the overhead of guard mounting for a one-side 25GByte disc overall capacity is extra small. There is also no limitation for the capacity of menu, which perfectly suits standard animated menu of BD-generation technology, allowing us to guarantee our customers with high applicability of the product.

Since a specialized device is costly, we provide our clients with the service of copy guard mounting of BD-R discs at our sales offices, upon receiving the master copy from you.

We will start delivering this service from August 2010.